Dolphin Quest Hawaii's Dolphin Calf Celebrates First Birthday

Dolphin calf Lehua, whose birth video garnered Hawaii travel buzz last year on Youtube, celebrated a first birthday at Dolphin Quest Hawaii

Lehua is the first second-generation dolphin calf at the center. The dolphin's mom, Keo, was also born there.

Dolphin Quest Hawaii trainers and some lucky young guests joined in Lehua's birthday fun and festivities. Lehua was greeted with a chorus of "Happy Birthday", and a delicious birthday treat. The kids who participated in the event had the opportunity to meet young Lehua while learning about dolphins and ocean conservation. Video of Lehua's birthday celebration can be seen above, on Dolphin Quest's YouTube channel and on their Facebook page in a segment called the "Dolphin Calf Chronicles". 

"Lehua is an amazing ambassador, inspiring guests from all over the world to be passionate about dolphins and their ocean environment," said Lauren Prutow-McKenna, senior dolphin trainer at Dolphin Quest. 

According to Tim Murphy, general manager of Dolphin Quest Hawaii, "Lehua's birthday is not only a celebration of an incredible dolphin, but it is also a testament to the top-notch animal and veterinary caretakers who ensure that all of our dolphins are well-loved and well-cared for at Dolphin Quest." 

Residents of Hawaii and military personnel who would like to wish Lehua "Happy Birthday" in person can enjoy a special 15 percent discount on select dolphin interaction programs through the end of the year. Reservations can be made by calling Dolphin Quest or visiting the Dolphin Quest Web site. 

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