Dusseldorf Museum to Reopen After Two Years

K20, one of Germany’s major museums for 20th century art, is scheduled to reopen on July 10, after being closed for more than two years. Visitors will see extensive changes in several areas: The original space is expanded, and the nearby Schmela Haus has been integrated to allow altered and additional spatial experiences; a greater focus will be on thematic exhibitions, such as the permanent collection “Silent Revolution,” and the upcoming “Art of the 80s”; and the museum will host the first large Joseph Beuys exhibit entitled “Parallel Processes,” which will run from September 11 to January 16, 2011.
K20 is one of two museums in the city of Düsseldorf that house the State of North Rhine Westphalia’s collection of modern art. K20 features works from the early 20th century up to 1945, with a focus on American and Western European modern art and Surrealism. Its collection includes pieces by Paul Klee, Pablo Picasso, Gerhard Richter, and Joseph Beuys (who taught at the city’s art academy for several decades). The other museum, K21, features art from 1945 to today.