Eli Roth's First Year-Round Haunt Scares Las Vegas

Las Vegas - The StripEli Roth, the actor and director best known for his movies such as "Hostel," has introduced Goretorium, the first and only year-round horror attraction in Las Vegas.

"I can honestly say that with Goretorium, we have created the most intense live terror experience a person can have," says Roth. "This is really my nightmare brought terrifyingly to life. No matter which haunted houses you've been through, you have never been through anything quite like the Goretorium."

Guests start by entering the mythical Delmont Hotel lobby and making their way through the "abandoned" resort where, according to legend, a serial-killing family preys upon every person who enters.

"We've been working for years to ensure that Goretorium will be the most terrifying, detailed haunt imaginable," said Robert Frey, CEO of Goretorium. "Between special effects, the set and the live cast you'll be able to go through a number of times and have completely unique and horrifying experiences."

Goretorium also features an interactive webpage with a live-stream webcam inside the haunt, allowing horror fans worldwide to see what happens to the guests inside the hotel.

Located on The Strip across from The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, the $10 million haunt is home to "Baby Dolls," a '60s themed outdoor lounge featuring restaurants as well as a horror retail shop.

In addition to private parties, couples can tie the knot inside the haunt's working wedding chapel. Couples can choose their themed wedding package that includes special officiants such as a Zombie Slaying Minister, God of Gore Minister and Vampire Minister. Gore-wedding packages start at $1,000, with an array of add-ons for an additional cost.

Eli Roth's Goretorium will be open seven days a week Monday to Friday from 2 p.m. to 2 a.m. and Friday to Sunday from 2 p.m. to 4 a.m. Tickets are $40 for general admission; $35 for advanced online. A "Death Row" VIP package is available for $60, which includes a complimentary line pass, express private elevator entrance to the haunt and complementary entrance to "Baby Dolls" Lounge.

For more information please visit www.goretorium.com.