Europe Deals: Get 'Em While They're Good

Last year, when I began posting deals for, I noticed that many of them had no expiration date (or at least, if they did, the suppliers weren’t announcing it). Deals seemed endless and limitless, and as long as a savvy agent knew where to look, he or she could find some way to save clients money, even if the trip itself was not for months.

But lately, I’ve been noticing a trend in the deals I post. Some of them are only valid for one or two months. Some are only valid for a few weeks. And some deals that go up on Monday are gone by Friday. (For example, the Icelandair deal to Europe expires on Friday, May 15. The notice for the deal only went out on Friday, May 8).

The deals are still out there, of course, but especially in terms of European destinations, the message from suppliers has become clear: Strike while the iron’s hot. The pound and the euro are much weaker against the dollar than they were last year at this time, and the suppliers don’t want to lose money in case the exchange rate improves in their favor. Deals have to have a short shelf life if the companies are to make any money at all—and if they want to keep agents and potential travelers interested.

So don’t delay at all. If you see a good deal to Europe, let your clients know immediately, and remind them of how limited these offers are. This is the ideal time to visit Europe, and if they pass up on these deals, they might never get another chance. 

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