Exclusive: Karisma to Launch New Fisher-Price Room Category at Its Azul Properties


(c) 2012 Karisma Hotels & Resorts

During our ongoing coverage of the 37th annual Tianguis Turistico, Travel Agent got the scoop on a new children's room category that will be introduced by Karisma Hotels & Resorts within the next month.

Lissette Robledo, senior marketing manager at Karisma, told us the new Fisher-Price room category, which will include toys, specific children's decorations and other amenities, will be rolled out at all of the company's Azul properties by next month.

The plan, according to Robledo, is to design roughly five of these rooms at each Azul property. Then, depending on how popular they are, that number would increase.

"We don't want to take 10 rooms out of our inventory until we see how well they do," she told us. "When we first introduce them, we will decorate them for the children, but we won't do anything that we can't undo just in case we need to book the room for someone besides children. Once we start to gauge the interest, then we will begin some more permanent designs to these rooms."

This further strengthens Karisma's relationship with Fisher-Price, which began roughly four years ago when the two companies partnered up to offer Karisma's Azulitos Kids Program.

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