Fall Festivals and Fishing Bring Visitors to Los Cabos

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Los Cabos is preparing for an event-filled fall season, according to tourism officials. 

The Fourth Annual Los Cabos International Film Festival takes place from November 11-15. It awards the largest number of prizes in Latin America, and attracts A-list filmmakers and actors. At last year’s edition, attendees included Reese Witherspoon, promoting the film “Wild,” as well as Richard Linklater and the cast of “Boyhood.” Both films went on to garner major industry awards. 

“We’re very excited about this year’s film festival. We’re partnering with the Cannes Film Festival to further promote some of our entrants,” Los Cabos Tourism Board Managing Director Ruben Reachi tells Travel Agent

Another marquee event is set for December 2-5. 

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The Tenth International Festival of Food and Wine, Sabor a Cabo, showcases chefs, restaurants and wines from the region. Events include a Beer Fest, featuring food vendors, craft displays, music plus a selection of beer from across Mexico. An Art Walk & Wine event takes place in San Jose del Cabo’s downtown gallery district. And 40 restaurants will take part in the main event, to be held under the stars in Chileno Bay

“The food and wine festival is huge for Cabo. Last year we had more than 1,000 attendees, and at least 40 percent were tourists. That was pretty incredible, coming a few months after we had a Category 3 hurricane,” said Reachi. 

For Kari Jevert’s clients, fall and winter in Los Cabos is synonymous with sport fishing. 

“I had a client whose wife had used up all her vacation time. He told me he wanted to go fishing somewhere on his own. I booked him on a sportfishing vacation in Cabo. He had an amazing experience,” Jevert, a travel consultant with All About Vacations, tells Travel Agent. 

“At the end of October, we have some important sportfishing tournaments that offer millions of dollars in prizes,” said Reachi. 

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Indeed. The acclaimed Bisbee’s Black & Blue Tournaments have attracted sportsfishing aficionados to Los Cabos for three decades. This year, the Los Cabos Offshore Tournament takes place October 16-18. The Black & Blue Marlin Tournament takes place October 20-24. 

In 2006, the latter event resulted in the largest payout in sportsfishing history: over $4 million. 

Like many agents, Jevert laments the fact that there aren’t more all-inclusives in Los Cabos. Tourism officials clearly have mixed feelings about the issue. 

“We have a number of high-end EP properties coming in the next few years. But we also have a few all-inclusives coming as well. All together, it’s a very good mix of properties and options for every segment of tourism,” Luis Palacios, Los Cabos Tourism Board commercial director, tells Travel Agent. 

With names like Auberge, Montage, Park Hyatt and Nobu, it’s clear the luxury segment is top of mind. That’s fine with Jevert. 

“Many times Cabo is a good fit for the luxury client that doesn’t like all inclusives. Typically, they’re older. They don’t eat a lot or drink a lot, so that takes away some of the appeal of the all inclusive. They’re interested in the art galleries and like to eat off-site,” said Jevert. 

Los Cabos, notes Jevert, is not someplace she recommends to “beach lovers who want to frolic in the water with the kids.” 

“I look at Cabo as a good match for my younger clients who want to party; for my older luxury clients and right now, for the fishermen,” said Jevert.