First Look - New Moon Club at Atlantis, the Bahamas

Moon Club

Atlantis in The Bahamas has debuted a new Moon Club high roller lounge. The new space was designed by Jeffrey Beers International and just opened to the public this week.

The Moon Club's focal point is a massive jellyfish tank, spanning the width of the 12-seat bar at 15 feet wide and holding dozens of electric blue jellyfish - aptly named "moon fish" - that float ethereally through the deep blue water. Spectacular lighting effects contribute to the heightened sense of drama throughout the club. The electric blue of the moon jellyfish is mimicked in a bold custom light fixture that hangs above the center of the bar - blunt acrylic rods are arranged in a pattern if concentric rectangles, and illuminated from from the top with purple LED lights. The dramatic marriage of lighting and materiality in the Moon Club is exemplified in the club's walls: high gloss macassar ebony is inlaid with strips of LED lighting and polished brass in a linear graphic pattern.


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