Florence's Vasari Corridor to Close for Renovations

These are the last months to visit this special place of Florence. At the end of February 2010, the Vasari Corridor will close for a major restoration work scheduled to last about three years.

The corridor was first used in 1565 for the marriage procession at the wedding between Francesco de' Medici, son of the Grand Duke Cosimo I, and Princess Giovanna d'Austria. The corridor had a second purpose, allowing the grand dukes to move in safety without escorts, from their private residence (Palazzo Pitti) to the government palace (Palazzo Vecchio, the old family residence). And this connection was built by the court architect, Giorgio Vasari.

The corridor is a one kilometer elevated route that crosses Via Ninna, passes through the upper floor of the Uffizi gallery, parallels the Arno supported by "Roman" arches modeled on those of aqueducts, and crosses the river on the Ponte Vecchio above the shops of Florence's celebrated jewelers and goldsmiths. It then wraps around one side of the tower of the Mannelli family and continues into the Oltrarno, over and through the Church of Santa Felicita and buildings owned by the Guicciardini family, and thus reaches Palazzo Pitti's Boboli Gardens.

The Vasari Corridor was first opened to the public on 1865 to celebrate the naming of Florence as Capital of re-unified Italy. It was severely damaged during the Second World War, then by the 1966 flood, and again by the bomb that rocked the Uffizi on May 27, 1993. It contains now a collection of portraits and important collections of paintings of the 17th and 18th Centuries.

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