Following Baltimore Riots, Tourist Attractions Begin to Reopen (VIDEO)

The riots in Baltimore Monday evening over the death of Freddie Gray in police custody caused the closure of major tourist attractions and the cancellation of events in the city.

The National Aquarium in Baltimore, which had been closed April 28 due to the situation, reopened its doors at 9 am the morning of April 29, according to the attraction's Facebook page.

The riots also lead to the cancellation of several events int he city earlier this week. The Door and Hardware Institute's CoNEXTions convention, the American Heart Association's meeting at the Hilton Baltimore, and two Baltimore Orioles games were all cancelled earlier this week, according to Fox News.

According to CNN, the situation was calmer the evening of April 28 following the imposition of a curfew 10 pm that evening. While 20 police officers were injured Monday night, six seriously, one officer was injured Tuesday evening. A confrontation between protestors and the police over the cures did not escalate into violence. 

A nightly curfew from 10 pm to 5 am will remain in place for the next week.