Foodie Report: Try the Swiss Martini at the Baur au Lac Hotel

The Swiss Martini at the Baur au Lac hotel in Zurich, Switzerland // Photo by Joe Pike

The luxurious Baur au Lac hotel in Zurich, Switzerland has all the modern touches that Millennials have come to expect without compromising any of its 19th century, classic elegance. 

The hotel, which first opened its doors in 1844, is located right smack in the heart of Zurich's vibrant "City Center," which is the financial district. Millennials won't have to walk too far to find some of Zurich's best restaurants, homemade chocolate or that perfect Swiss watch.

Tell Millennials looking to relax over an adult beverage named "The Swiss Martini," which is offered but cannot be found on the menu. It includes the Swiss vodka, Louis 1880, which is a powerful grain vodka, passion fruit, raspberry puree and a piece of homemade chocolate on top. Travel Agent was lucky enough to try one of these and loved how much the chocolate aftertaste dominated the drink. 

We also advise Millennials to ask Simon Brandmayer, the hotel’s bar manager, to make you one of his Bellinis, which is made of fresh peach, Prosecco, peach juice, fresh lemon and liquor. This is a very refreshing drink.

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