Globus Announces "Guilt-Free" Vacations


The Globus family of brands has unveiled 14 "Guilt-Free" Getaways. Ranging from four to 10 days and starting at approximately $100 per day, these trips include independent packaged vacations, tours, family travel, cruise and faith-based itineraries. Below is an overview of these special vacations:

Monograms: Independent Travel

· London Getaway (4 days)—Priced from $539, land-only
· Paris Getaway (4 days)—Priced from $599, land-only
· Rome Getaway (4 days)—Priced from $789, land-only
· A Week in London & Paris (7 days)—Priced from $1,169, land-only

Cosmos: Tour

· Prague, Vienna & Budapest (9 days)—Priced from $1,039, land-only
· Grand Tour of Switzerland (8 days)—Priced from $1,189, land-only

Globus: Tour

· Introduction to Ireland (7 days)—Priced from $1,099, land-only
· A Taste of Greece (7 days)—Priced from $1,299, land-only
· Italy’s Great Cities (8 days)—Priced from $1,919, land-only

Globus Family: Tour

London & Paris: A Tale of Two Cities (7 days)—Priced from $1,589, land-only

Avalon Waterways
: Cruise

· Romantic Rhine (8 days)—Priced from $1,889, land- and cruise-only

Globus Religious: Tour

· Footsteps of Apostle Paul (10 days)—Priced from $2,149, land-only

In addition to these offerings, travelers booking any 2009 Globus, Cosmos, Monograms or Avalon Waterways vacation between now and February 28 can receive $100 off per person (discount applies to the land-only price). When travelers book a 2009 air-inclusive Europe vacation with Globus, Cosmos, Monograms or Avalon Waterways, they can get $200 off/person.

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