GOGO Vacations Lowers Booking Deposit to $100

backpackerGOGO Vacations has lowered its minimum booking deposit from $150 to $100.

The new, non-refundable amount has been structured to help make choosing a preferred wholesaler much easier. GOGO made the move based on travel agent requests.

According to GOGO, lowering the deposit makes the company more competitive when choosing other wholesalers.

Furthering the advantages, it allows agents to choose their wholesalers on price and quality offerings and not just on deposit requirements for their clients benefit.
“We understand that making the $100 deposit non-refundable will affect a small percentage of bookings, but only about 2 percent of our bookings cancel after the initial deposit,” GOGO president Marg Mulholland said. “Meaning for the remaining 98 percent there will be a significant booking advantage with the lowered rate.”

GOGO offers travel agents various amenities featuring enriched packages, making it one of the leaders in United States travel wholesale.

Visit: www.gogoworldwidevacations.com

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