Greece for Everyone

Traveling through the Greek islands is a fascinating sojourn for every type of traveler. Veteran jet setters will love the sophistication of the nightlife on the islands of Mykonos and Santorini, but they'll also appreciate the option of turning it down a notch with the prospect of a leisurely glide along the Aegean aboard a super-sized yacht. The blue waters of Mykonos

Family travelers will never have enough time to visit all of the historical sites in this birthplace of civilization, but they'll enjoy every minute of trying to achieve that goal. And, when they're fully exhausted from paying homage to the Parthenon and the archaeological sites in Delos, Delphi and Samos—not to mention the medieval, walled city of Rhodes—they'll be able to lay out on some of the most sumptuous beaches in the Mediterranean.

Romantic travelers will never forget their first visit to Greece; for what could be more seductive than walking hand in hand in gold-tinted sunlight along quaint cobblestone paths lined by white houses with blue trim?

Stopping to enjoy a glass of ouzo in a waterfront restaurant just as the sun is setting is another treat. The memory of watching the tide come in and sailboats return home after a full day of fishing as the day draws to a close will keep honeymooners returning to this special country again and again.

To navigate the many islands of Greece, and to select the optimal accommodations for your vacation, be sure to use the services of a good travel agent, who will help you plan every detail of your itinerary to a tee.

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