Halekulani Unveils Exclusive Hawaiian Artwork

"Visions of Hawaii 1778-1848" highlights a pivotal time in history of the Hawaiian Islands through original engravings and artwork. // Photo by the Mark and Carolyn Blackburn Collection.

Halekulani is currently presenting "Visions of Hawaii 1778-1848," a unique exhibition featuring exclusive historical Hawaiian artwork. The exhibition will unveil original engravings and artwork commencing with the third voyage of Captain Cook and ending in the mid-19th Century.
Highlighting a pivotal time in the history of the Hawaiian Islands, the exhibit houses two historically significant original drawings from the French Voyage of the Uranie under the command of Louis de Freycinet during a circumnavigational expedition.  

For the very first time in history, these two gold-framed pieces which depict the unique drawing of a hula dancer from Maui, and the heiau and Ku images at Kailua Kona from the year 1819 will be exhibited. The specially curated presentation is from the private collection of Mark and Carolyn Blackburn.
Visions of Hawaii 1778-1848 will be on display through November 30 and is located at Halekulani Gallery next to the hotel’s famed restaurant, House Without A Key. It is open daily to Halekulani guests and the public from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. and admission is free. 

Visit www.halekulani.com/hotel/events