Hard Rock Hotels & Casinos to Offer Music-Inspired Spa Treatments

Hard Rock Hotels & Casinos is rolling out a new Rhythm and Motion collection of music-centric spa treatments using amplified vibrations, pressures and patterns. 

Hard Rock massage therapists will synchronize their movements with curated playlists. 

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“Hard Rock is the only brand bold enough to develop a spa experience more Zeppelin than Zen,” said Dale Hipsh, senior director of operations development at Hard Rock International. “We looked to amp up the traditional spa menu to leave our guests energized and pumped up… the way a concert-goer feels after seeing a mind-blowing show.”   

Here's a look at the new offerings:

Synchronicity is a pulsating massage with a blended soundtrack. The massage is infused with a choice of natural organic essential oils to reduce stress, ease muscle tension, and detoxify.

Smooth Operator retunes the skin with a two-part treatment that first removes impurities before introducing new nourishing elements. Starting with the rhythmical Sweetgrass-inspired dry brushing— a ritual that softly sloughs rough skin away— and closing with a soothing, detoxifying wrap to release impurities, hydrate and smooth the skin, Smooth Operator wraps it up on a high note.

Face the Music combines the therapeutic benefits of sound vibration and organic products to rejuvenate and hydrate facial skin. 

Wrap Remix begins with a cleansing shot of ginger tea to jumpstart the detox process, followed by brisk, rhythmical Sweetgrass-inspired dry brushing. Skin is deeply nourished post-wrap with the combination of a 50-minute rhythm and motion massage and cleansing facial mask, completing the treatment. A refreshing shot of Rock Spa® Detox Tea is then served.

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