Honeymoon Wishes Gift E-Registry Launches New Wedding Planning Technology

Honeymoon Wishes, an online gift registry utilized by more than 180,000 travel professionals worldwide, recently announced the launch of software.

Fully modifiable, the user-friendly “wedding booking engine” is a comprehensive virtual tool that allows all manor of hotel to provide instant accessibility and immediate response to inquiring clientele.

This advanced system is built around the needs of hotels to simplify planning while stimulating bookings. Flexibility and flow are among the attributes of this time-saving technology, which diverse hotels brands can easily and conveniently tailor to meet the demands of their unique clientele.

Granting timely reply to couples’ proposed reservation dates allows the “wedding booking engine” to negate sometimes long response times time—to seconds. Eliminating this gap means purging the opportunity that waiting couples use to search availability and affirm wedding dates at competing properties. As such, the software uniquely positions hotels to field more queries, fill more time and spike their bottom line. It also acts as an at-will reporting system that permits hoteliers to track analytics and run and/or edit reports related to revenue, commissions, year-to-date sales reports and other key documents.

Visit www.HoneymoonWishes.com.


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