“Hungry for Tokyo” Tourism Promotion Commences in New York and Los Angeles

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government has initiated a campaign called “Hungry for Tokyo” in the cities of New York and Los Angeles. The promotion is in effort to raise culinary tourism in Tokyo and includes more than 40 restaurants that have created a Tokyo-theme menu for the upcoming month of November.

A few of the featured dishes include Oyako-don with Tokyo Scallion by Yakitori Totto in New York and the K-ZO Vegetable Tokyo Tower at K-ZO in Los Angeles. In addition, customers who order off the special menu will receive a copy of “Tokyo Gourmet Guide: the Expert Edition” which contains different restaurants in Tokyo.

Some of the other restaurants participating in New York are EN Japanese Brasserie, Sushi Nakazawa, Aburiya Kinnosuke, Sushi Zen, Speedy Romeo, and more. In Los Angeles, Izakaya Hachi, Sushi Roku, Hirozen, Sotto, Picca, Superba and others are par taking in the campaign. 

By collecting seven stamps off the new “Hungry for Tokyo”, participants will be permitted to enter the sweepstakes where the grand prize is a round trip ticket to Tokyo. Second place will win free hotel stays in Tokyo, and the third place prize is a traditional Edo wind chime and Edo-style wooden chopsticks.

For more information and to enter the sweepstakes, visit http://www.gototokyo/hungryfortokyo