Ice Cream Shops in Paris

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It’s summertime in Paris and what better way to beat the heat than to enjoy the extravagant, delicious, and sophisticated ice cream the city has to offer. 

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Here are some of our favorites. 

pierre hermePierre Herme

Master macaron maker Pierre Herme branched out a few years ago to produce a line of ice creams and sorbets. Of course the specialty of the house is whipped ice cream with mini-macarons floating on the top. Traditional flavors include Tahitian vanilla, lemon, and Brazilian coffee, and if you have a more exotic palate, go for the Mogador, milk chocolate, passion fruit, and pineapple, Isaphan, litchi, rose, and raspberry, or the Celeste, rhubarb, strawberry and passion fruit. If you’re feeling nostalgic and miss the old fashioned Good Humor ice cream sandwiches, Pierre Herme has an updated version, the glamorous Miss Gla Gla. Packaged in an elegant shiny silver box, two layers of delicate macarons are filled with pistachio and raspberry sorbet, and fresh mint and red berry sorbet, among other flavors. 

Pierre Herme expands on his deliciousness this summer by having his ice cream creations served on the lovely, enchanting terrace of the Raffles Royal Monceau Hotel

72 rue Bonaparte, 75006 
Open seven days 10AM to 7PM 

Raffles Royal Monceau Hotel
37 Ave. Hoche, 75008 



The most popular and beloved ice cream in Paris, Berthillon has become a classic, must do/must taste when visiting the Ile St. Louis. Since 1954, Berthillon has been scooping out freshly made, all natural ice creams and sorbets (no preservatives, artificial sweeteners, or stabilizers) to millions of loyal fans that patiently wait on long lines to savor the legendary taste. The original shop has a takeout window serving cones and cups but also has a tea salon offering ice cream sundaes, pastries, hot chocolate, and ice cream cakes. If you like more unusual flavors try lavender, foie gras, praline, lemon, and coriander, or chestnut, or stick to the heavenly salted butter caramel. Berthillon is also available at other shops and cafes all over the city. 

29-31 rue Saint Louis en L’ile, 75004 
Open Wednesday to Sunday, 10AM to 6PM 


If you’re hankering for gelato instead ice cream, Amorino is the premier gelato brand of Paris. Started 12 years ago by two best friends, they aimed to bring the freshest and most authentic Italian gelato to Paris. Their hand packed cones are artfully shaped into layers resembling rose petals. Other products include granitas, crepes, milkshakes, hot waffles, gelato cakes, macarons, chocolates, and foccacina, sweet brioche filled with gelato. There are 23 Amorino locations in Paris.