Inspiration from Scottish Singer

This week seemed to be all about the air in terms of European travel news. While bmi promoted two key officials and Ritz-Carlton struck a new deal with Lufthansa for gourmet cuisine on flights, the European Commission announced that it would be investigating several airlines and BAA bemoaned the lack of business at UK airports. The bad news certainly seems to outweigh the good of late.

But of all the news from Europe this week, nothing has caught the world’s attention like the Susan Boyle story. If you’ve somehow managed to miss the week-old craze, Ms. Boyle became an overnight celebrity when she appeared on the TV program "Britain’s Got Talent" and wowed the audience with her rendition of “I Dreamed a Dream” from Les Miserables. Go watch the YouTube clip, and you’ll understand why people have become obsessed with the 47-year-old Scottish volunteer.

What does a talent-show contestant have to do with the travel industry? Not a lot, truth to tell, but the lesson everyone has taken away from Boyle’s overnight stardom is universal: Never assume the worst, and never give up hope. BAA may be wailing about dwindling numbers at their airports, but airlines are pressing forward with incentives to keep their businesses afloat. Take a look at the ever-increasing list of deals for travel to Europe—suppliers are making it easier and more affordable for your clients to go somewhere they’ve never been, or to return to a place they thought they’d never see again. Susan Boyle took a risk when she appeared on national TV and became an overnight sensation. When businesses—and people—take chances and make an effort, who knows what they can accomplish?

And in case Ms. Boyle has inspired your to visit her homeland, this is the ideal time to check Scotland out. Homecoming Scotland is in full swing, and guests can experience a wide variety of cultural events now through the end of the year.