Interjet Offers Agent Incentive Program

Interjet is making it even easier for travel agents to reap benefits. 

On the website for the Mexican air carrier, agents can log-in and start earning rewards for booking clients on Interjet. There is no cost, no a annual fees and no minimal sales requirements. 

Agents can sign up with the company's incentive program called "AgenciaJet," or call the Interjet Regional Sales Representative who will sign them up. After creating a username and password, travel agetns can then begin booking clients. All base fare sales, after deducting taxes, during a 30-day period are commissionable on a sliding scale of two to seven percent depending on volume of sales.

Sales from $0 up to $4,500 earn two percent; sales of $4,501 to $8,000 earn three percent, up to a maximum of 8 percent. Before the 10th day of the following month, the incentive is credited to the agent's electronic wallet. Future purchase of Interjet flights are paid from the electronic wallet, so the agency immediately receives their incentive. 


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