Japan Adds Two New UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Last month Japan celebrated the addition of two new UNESCO World Heritage sites, bringing the country's total to 14.

First is Hiraizumi, a Northern metropolis founded in the 12th century as the political and commercial center of Japan's northern region. UNESCO has recognized the legacy of the Fujiwara family who established north political and cultural power with art and architecture. Check out Konjikido, literally translated as Golden Hall, which has been preserved and is the only original structure to have survived fire and war. The entire structure is covered with gold leaf inside and out, full of Buddhism statues in the alter.

Second, Ogasawara Islands, also known as Bonin Islands, are a small archipelago of over 30 small subtropical islands directly south off Tokyo. UNESCO found these hidden islands under Tokyo's municipality as a natural sanctuary for unique ecosystem. There are over 400 native plants, several ocean species and one-of-a-kind mammals.

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