K2 Skis and CMH Heli-Skiing Team Up to Unveil CMH K2 Rotor Lodge

CMH K2 Rotor Lodge in Nakusp, British ColumbiaK2 Skis, a leading ski manufacturer since 1962, is partnering up with the world's first and largest heli-skiing operator, CMH Heli-Skiing.

"Partnering with CMH presents K2 with not only a world-class winter playground to test powder skis in the most ideal waist deep conditions and endless terrain, but also the opportunity for K2 and our elite athletes to connect with a broad range of skiers," said Mike Gutt, K2's Global Marketing Manager.

The two companies have come together to unveil CMH K2, a helicopter-skiing operation that accesses the deep powder stashes of British Columbia's Kootenay region.

As an added bonus, all heli-ski guests will receive free pairs of K2 skis, of their choice, to be delivered to their homes before the start of the next winter season.

CMH K2 will be offering a wide range of K2-hosted athlete trips and programs including "Steep Shots and Pillow Drops," running from January 3 to 7, 2013 with Collin Collins and February 18 to 23, 2013  with Andy Mahre.

Athlete ski week will take place from January 7 to 17, 2013, hosted by Reggie and Zach Crist, and other athletes.

A film and photography workshop week will be instructed by Pep Fujas on February 4 to 9, 2013.

A trip just for the women will be held from January 21 to 26, 2013 with Kim Reichhelm.

Following the K2 athlete trips are CMH K2 Demo Days, which provide heli-skiers the opportunity to test a variety of unreleased 2013 to 2014 K2 powder skis.

Sessions are scheduled for March 4 to 13, 2013. The cost for one session, including a pair of skis, starts at $3,922. Space is limited to twenty-four skiers per trip. Reservations for all trips and programs are now open.

Visit: www.cmhski.com/k2