KapohoKine Adventures Launches New "Nohona Hawaii" Tour Combining Ziplining and Conservation

zipliningKapohoKine Adventures, a tour operator on Hawaii Island that conducts treks to areas in Kona, Hilo and the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, has launched “Nohona Hawaii,” a tour that introduces clients to sustainable practices while having an extreme zipline adventure.
The tour starts with a zipline adventure. After zipping the first four lines of the course, clients make their way down to the Hawaiian garden where they engage in conservation work. 

Projects range from planting in the Hawaiian demonstration garden and removing invasive plants to replanting native plant life. After a lunch break, the zip gear goes back on and guests finish zipping the final four lines. “Nohona Hawaii” is approximately seven hours roundtrip from Hilo. The price is $299 plus tax per person. The rate includes lunch, ziplining, materials and facilitator. Arrangements can be made to accommodate groups as large as 50 or more.

Translated as living the Hawaiian culture or the Hawaiian way, “Nohona Hawaii” is an expanded program by KapohoKine Adventures and its friends at Zipline Through Paradise, focused on environmental preservation. For four years, KapohoKine Adventures has been inviting local students to the native Hawaiian rainforests just north of Hilo at Zipline Through Paradise, to get hands-on experience about the importance of sustainability.

Covering nearly two miles of gorgeous tropical river gorges, Zipline Through Paradise is the only company in the Hawaiian Islands to boast every line with the redundant double-cable safety system, zipSTOP automatic brakes and dual lines to zip with a friend. The eight-line zip course, including the longest line on Hawaii island at 2,400 feet in length, includes views of multiple waterfalls from 160 feet above.
Visit www.kapohokine.com