Las Vegas Mob Museum Offers Social Media "Mobcasts" (VIDEO)

The National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement, otherwise known as The Mob Museum, has debuted the first public “Mobcast” on its Facebook page. Featuring prominent speakers from a range of fields spanning from former City of Las Vegas Mayor Oscar B. Goodman, to the museum’s director of content development, and respected author on Las Vegas history, Geoff Schumacher, the initial segment outlines some of the ongoing discussions and debates surrounding the Mob and its social implications, for online audiences.

Thanks to social media channels (notably Facebook and Twitter), the easily accessible format of the brief videos facilitates the dissemination of exclusive Mob-related features and materials  to help inspire, spark curiosity, and raise general awareness, across the public domain.  

“As a dynamic, living museum, we recognized the importance of continuing to build upon our existing content. Mobcast allows us to produce timely and quality programming in a cost-effective, nimble manner for our audiences” says Schumacher, who is involved in the endeavor and its goal of creating two Mobcasts each month.

While most webinars will be released publicly, there will also be a subscriber’s-only selection (exclusive to Museum members). Viewers can look forward to upcoming programs that delve into the origins of the Mob, its role in the JFK assassination, and will even profile signature Prohibition-era cocktails.