Las Vegas Palazzo Resort Named Most Eco-Friendly Hotel in America

Las VegasThe Las Vegas Palazzo Resort & Hotel takes first place in the poll of the “top ten eco-friendly yet stylish hotels in America,” conducted as a result of the growing demand for environmentally conscious travel.

"Savvy travelers are seeking accommodations where they can have a comfortable stay while conserving the Earth's valuable resources” says Taylor L. Cole, APR, travel expert for  “The hotels that made our Top 10 list wisely use our natural resources, but certainly don't cut corners on style."

The Palazzo Resort & Hotel is LEED certified (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) meaning it satisfies all LEED prerequisites and earns a minimum of 40 points on a 110-point LEED rating system.  The hotel reuses all waste energy and is even self-sustaining in certain sections, greatly reducing its environmental impact.
Following the Palazzo is ink48 Hotel in New York City, which offers eco-friendly amenities and an EarthCare program, where members brainstorm new ways to care for the planet.  Printing collateral with soy-based inks and implementing water-efficient products are two practices that emerged from the program.

The Renaissance Orlando at Sea World comes in third, offering complimentary valet parking to hybrid vehicles and operating lights in storage rooms and offices on motion sensors.  The hotel also uses organic products and ingredients whenever possible. bases their selections on their Hotel Price Index (HPI), which tracks the real prices paid per room by customers around the world using a weighted average.

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