Las Vegas Tops Allianz's Most Popular Destinations for Valentine's Day

Allianz Global Assistance has revealed this year’s most popular destinations for Valentine’s Day.

Photo by Yap

A review of Valentine’s Day travel plans by customers of leading travel insurance provider Allianz Global Assistance found that Las Vegas is this year’s most popular domestic destination for the romantic weekend. 
New York and Atlanta ranked the second and third most popular cities to spend Valentine’s Day, followed by Chicago and Los Angeles which ranked fourth and fifth. Allianz Global Assistance reviewed more than 27,000 trips planned by its customers from February 12 to February 15 to determine this year’s hottest destinations.
In addition, Allianz Global Assistance researched and ranked the top five destinations in order by most expensive to least expensive cities to spend Valentine’s Day. Los Angeles was discovered to be the most expensive destination for a night on the town, including a dozen roses, romantic prix fixe steak dinner, symphony tickets and a two-night hotel stay. Las Vegas and New York ranked second and third most expensive with Atlanta and Chicago trailing as least expensive.
The top Valentine’s Day destinations were ranked by the percentage of travelers heading to a particular destination. Other U.S. destinations ranking in the top 10 were San Francisco, Seattle, Phoenix, Dallas and Miami.