LATAM Airlines Group Joins the Dow Jones World Sustainability Index

LATAM Airlines Group, comprised of LAN Airlines and its affiliates and TAM Airlines, became the first airline group in the Americas to join the Dow Jones World Sustainability Index. The group was chosen from a select group of companies leading in sustainability for its administration of economic performance, social responsibility and environmental management.

By joining the index, LATAM Airlines Group also became one of only two companies –along with Air France-KLM Group- in the aviation industry currently listed in the Dow Jones World.

Among the economic, social and environmental dimensions that the Dow Jones Sustainability Index uses to assess the selected companies are social reporting, human capital development, stakeholder engagement, corporate governance, environmental management, environmental reporting, climate strategy, efficiency and customer relationship management, among others.

"Entering the Dow Jones World Sustainability Index is an honor for all the employees of LATAM Airlines Group," said Enrique Cueto, CEO of LATAM Airlines Group, in a written statement. "It is the result of years of work, and it demonstrates that we are making progress on the right path to where we want to go, which is to be among the three best airlines in the world. Being part of this index confirms the commitment with our stakeholders towards being a more transparent and responsible company in the economic, environmental and social aspects."
Among specific activities that the company is constantly working on, the executive highlighted the completion of LATAM Airlines Group’s first Sustainability Report that was released this year, accounting for the economic, social responsibility and environmental actions carried out. In the environmental category, LATAM Airlines Group achieved the highest performance worldwide in the industry in the areas of operational eco-efficiency and climate strategy/climate change governance.