Live From LTX: G Adventures' First Trip to Haiti Sells Out

LAS VEGAS, Nevada -- As part of our ongoing coverage of Luxury Travel Exchange International (LTX), Travel Agent spoke with Ron Fenska, director of sales for G Adventures, and learned that the company's new tours to Haiti are creating a major buzz among travelers.

In fact, Fenska told us the company's first ever trip there, slated for February 21, 2015, is completely sold out. The 10-day tour is, however, also available March 14, July 4, November 21 and December 5. 

Included in the trips will be tours to a rum distillery, a Kasav making demonstration and a visit to the Bassin-Bleu pools. 

Menska told Travel Agent that G Adventures' relationship with the destination began after the company assisted the country following the devastating earthquake of 2010. In the immediate aftermath of the disaster, G Adventures flew cargo planes full of food, diapers and tents. 

"It has really come full circle," says Fenska. "First we wanted to help the people who were affected by the earthquake. We wanted to help the people recover and now we want to help Haiti's tourism product recover and grow."

In fact, Fenksa says a portion of G Adventures' profits from the Haiti tours will go right back into the country. 

"We want to help them grow. That's what we do," Fenska says. "That's what G Adventures has always done. We look for destinations that need help and we try to build their tourism product."

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