Looking Ahead to CHTA Marketplace


Whereas it’s unfortunate that St. Kitts is the first Caribbean tourism destination to host an event following the failed bill to bail out Wall Street, St. Lucia is hoping its old news by January. That’s when the destination will be hosting the annual Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association's (CHTA) Marketplace. And so far the numbers indicate, like the Small Hotels Retreat, that the conference’s attendance won’t be affected.

We sat down with Angela Alphonse, project manager for the St. Lucia Hotel & Tourism Association, who told us about 1,500 delegates are already on board for the event. “Right now, September, is when this whole mess is really at its highest,” Alphonse told us. “We’re hoping it will be a dead issue by January. I think we can get our focus back on strengthening tourism in St. Lucia and the Caribbean and not worrying about losing tourism in St. Lucia and the Caribbean.”

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