The Los Cabos International Airport Reopens

The Los Cabos International Airport has officially welcomed back international tourists as of October 8, following Hurricane Odile. The destination has been welcoming domestic flights since October 3. 

Full flights from Los Angeles (via Alaska Airlines) and Houston (via United Airlines) arrived on Wednesday with a total of 300 passengers. On Thursday, October 9, the destination welcomed a Delta Air Lines flight from Salt Lake City, and Friday brought the return of two additional flight routes to the destination: Spirit Airlines from San Diego and United Airlines from San Francisco.

The official airport authority, El Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacifico, states that by October 18 there will be approximately 30 flights in operation (both domestic and international), with the number of daily flights expect to increase based on consumer demand. The Los Cabos International Airport is expected to return to normal operation in early December. 

As of October 10, 2,992 guestrooms were open and available for guests. 10,000 rooms are expected to be available by the end of December. Seventy percent of the restaurants located in or around the marina in Cabo San Lucas are operating normally, along with 90 percent of all recreational destination activities and excursions. 

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