Machu Picchu to Reopen Thursday

On Thursday, Peru moves another major step forward in putting behind its disastrous start to 2010.

Abercrombie & Kent confirmed Tuesday that the Vistadome rail service to Aguas Caliente resumed and Machu Picchu will reopen Thursday, after being closed by heavy rains that caused a series of landslides in late January.

The reopening of Machu Picchu will be celebrated with a traditional “Payment to the Earth” ceremony in Cusco on the Esplanade of the Koricancha Temple. Musicians and dancers will participate in the tribute to Pachamama Raymi, or "Mother Earth," followed by fireworks and music.

Although this was right around the reopening date most industry representatives we spoke to in January predicted, it still must be a major of relief for Peru to have its greatest landmark open again for what is anticipated to be a very important year for tourism in the country.

In September the country will host TravelMart Latin America in Lima, a show that in years past helped host countries  Ecuador, Colombia and, more recently, Chile get on the radar of U.S. agents.


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