Mai10 Offers Unique Sailing Exploration

Mai10, an Argentina-based luxury tour operator, recently announced its Extreme Islands Expedition, which will allows clients to sail for one week alongside explorers, scientists and photographers.

The excursion includes famed explorer Daniel Fox, photographer Jasmine Rossi and their team of prominent film-makers, scientists and explorers. They will be seeking to visibly map the coasts and surrounding depths of close to 200 islands located around Antarctica, the Arctic and throughout the Pacific. This expedition will set new precedents in physical oceanography, cartography and the study of marine ecology for decades to come.

Through Mai10, clients will have the choice of one of 20 weeks made available for civilians to board the vessel during the five-year voyage.

This trip places Mai10 clients on the expedition vessel for one week with the explorer team while they produce thousands of photographs, several hundred hours of film footage and priceless cartographic data from over 14 countries including the U.S., Canada, France, United Kingdom, Brazil, Mexico, Norway, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Russia, Samoa, Tonga and the Phoenix, Gilbert and Marshal Islands, 200 islands and four oceans.

The price is $15,000 per person for one-week of full board and transfer. Airfare is not included. Mai10 will coordinate with guests which week(s), based upon availability, they will be aboard the expedition.


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