Mandalay Bay Promotes Michael Jackson ONE With Stunt (WITH VIDEO)

Video by Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino


The Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino hosted a slackline stunt to promote the acrobatics of Michael Jackson ONE by Cirque du Soleil. 

The record-breaking highline walk, produced in partnership with Gibbon Slacklines, extended from the exterior of Mandalay Bay and House of Blues Foundation Room, 63 floors above the Las Vegas Strip. 

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The stunt kicked off the 2013 World Slackline Federation (WSFed) Slackline World Cup Finals, which took place inside the Michael Jackson ONE Theatre. Andy Lewis, the slackliner noted for his Super Bowl XLVI halftime show performance with Madonna, set a new world record for the longest urban highline walked, a 480-ft. high, 360-ft.-long slackline, running parallel to the Las Vegas Strip, rigged from two of Mandalay Bay's resort towers.

Simultaneously, three other slackliners, Hayden Nickell, Jon Fait and Mickey Wilson, performed tricks on individual slacklines rigged at the same height.