Mantis Collection Introduces Zambezi and Chobe River Cruises

Chobe PrincessesThis May, Mantis Collection launches the "Zambezi Queen Collection," introducing a small fleet of river cruisers and providing additional guests with access to over 30 miles of the Zambezi and Chobe riverine ecosystems. 

Chobe Princesses (formerly referred to as The Pride of The Zambezi and the Ichobezi house boats) have been entirely refurbished. After 18 years owned and operated by the Oxenham family, the ships are being re-launched as Mantis boats, having undergone extensive renovations to become the Chobe Princesses. These riverboats will join pre-existing Mantis Collection floatel, The Zambezi Queen.

After their acquisition in March 2015, the three Chobe Princesses have undergone extensive refurbishments incorporating new furnishings, the addition of air conditioning and plunge pools. The ships also installed upgraded engines, plus additional safety equipment and a refinished exterior.
The "Zambezi Queen Collection" and its staff offer a variety of land-based activities, including Community Village visit, tender boat excursions into Chobe National Park, bird watching and fishing on the Chobe River. They also offer day trips to Livingstone, providing the opportunity to explore the breathtaking Victoria Falls, a true natural wonder of the world.