Martinique to Reevaluate Tourism Strategy By September



MARTINIQUE – During Travel Agent’s participation in an ongoing press trip in Martinique, we had the privilege of sitting down Monday with Madeliene Jouye de Grandmaison, chairwoman of the Martinique Promotion Bureau. De Grandmaison, through a translator, told us the prime minister of France will conduct a meeting in September to reevaluate Martinique’s tourism strategy, including plans to pursue direct flights from the U.S. and allowing locals to work on Sunday in order to keep shops open for cruise passengers.

“Although we currently have daily flights with American Eagle, we still need more planes, more full planes (out of the U.S.),” de Grandmaison told us. “We really need to work on that. It isn’t easy, but we are trying to get there.”


Delta canceled direct flights from Atlanta due to fuel costs. Currently, the destination offers flights out of San Juan and will soon offer direct flights through Air Canada— which remains an option for U.S. travelers out of Boston and other cities.

Martinique will also pool all of its resources to beef up its growing niche markets, such as culinary travel and yachting. Travel Agent concludes its on-site coverage of Martinique on Wednesday. Stay tuned as we plan on giving you a detailed destination refresher in our August 17 issue.

Get to know more about Martinique, particularly the local cuisine, in the video below.

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