McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas Opens Terminal 3

Las Vegas airportChris Jones, public affairs director of McCarran International Airport, invited on a tour of the $2.4 billion facility, as well as an in-depth look the new Terminal 3 and its amenities.

Terminal 3 is a full service terminal, meaning you do not have to check-in through the main airport drop-off and take a tram. It comes fully equipped with its own check-in system, baggage claim and passenger pick-up area.

Air Canada and West Jet are currently the only airlines operating out of T3 using the self-check in system that allows the passenger to weigh and tag their own luggage. The other carriers are still exploring the use of the new feature.

Other new features include multiple recharge zones to help those travelers looking to fuel up their electronic devices. The recharge zones feature both the standard outlet, as well as USB ports. In addition, there are various ground outlets at every gate.

Terminal 3 also features seven corridors for the disembarking process. The passengers no longer have to bottle neck into one congested area and wait in lengthy lines. They can get off the aircraft and walk through the individual corridors to the customs processing area.

The terminal has installed the self-boarding system. Each of the new gates is equipped with the new system, but not all airlines are using it. JetBlue is the only airline operating out of T3 currently using the self-boarding system. The other carriers are exploring the option for possible future use.

Digital ad spaces are another state of the art feature. The terminal is equipped with multiple electronic totem pole style advertisements at each gate. This gives passengers a one stop shop view of the variety of products and entertainment available during their stay in Las Vegas. It also creates a more efficient way for the airport to generate ad revenue by selling multiple ads to be displayed on each large monitor.

Food options in T3 range from fast food to fine dining meals at Las Vegas Chophouse or Dewar’s Clubhouse. Shopping is also featured including farmers markets with various retailers such as Mac Makeup and Sharper Image. The terminal caters to everyone including first and business class travelers.