Meet Puerto Rico Launches "Meeting Matchmaker" Social Media Campaign

puerto rico"Meeting Matchmaker," Meet Puerto Rico’s (MPR) latest social media campaign, created in conjunction with social media agency Sparkloft, was launched today through Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and will run throughout the month of June.

“Meet Puerto Rico tries to stay ahead of, and on top of the trends and we offer what our planners need, before they ask,” said Milton Segarra, president and CEO of Meet Puerto Rico, in a written release. “Meeting Matchmaker is a time-saver and a good way to showcase our destination in an easy and fun way.” 

The app is designed for mobile users and the layout is clear and simple to use. Planners start by swiping right or left when shown a variety of images reflecting meeting styles and activities in Puerto Rico– large group, beach, casino, adventure, etc. 

Each photo selection is linked to a grouping of MPR partners based on the amenities, products or services they offer (that match the selection). When a user swipes to select the style, a random partner from the grouping will be shown as an example of Puerto Rico’s offering in that category. After the user completes their selections, more information will be shown about all of the partners in the selected grouping, including special offers.

Once the planner receives the meeting recommendations, they will be asked to enter for a chance to win one of more than 10 prizes, including a five-day day trip to Puerto Rico that will include hotel stay, a meet-and-greet  at the airport, airline gift card with a value of $500, and a tour. Second and third prizes include a three-day hotel stay plus tour.  

This effort is the second Meet Puerto Rico branded social media offering. The first, “Eleventes,” was launched late last year and provides a suite of social media services to make outreach simple and affordable. The first group to use Eleventes will be the Society for the Study of Reproduction who is holding their conference, July 16-23, in Puerto Rico.