Mexico, a Place for Family Adventure


As Mexico continues to rebrand itself, the country continues to become a great sell for a diverse clientele. From zip-lining to cave-diving, Mexico has put an emphasis on the array of soft adventure it offers.

The latest properties to plug are Cuixmala and Hacienda de San Antonio. Staff at both former private residences can arrange itineraries filled with stimulating and educational choices. Here’s a peek at some of the properties’ adventure opportunities to pitch to clients looking to break a sweat somewhere other than on the beach.

Cuixmala is located within the Chamela-Cuixmala Biosphere Preserve, offering up-close encounters with coati mundis, wild boars, zebra and white tail deer among other inhabitants. Families can wander through more than 25,000 acres uninhibited by barriers, or tour with a local biologist who will not only provide the back story on each of the endemic, and often endangered, animals but also share details on their latest conservation projects, including the tracking of jaguars and pumas. Tell your clients to check out newly hatched sea turtles on the beaches of Cuixmala. Following the lead of on-property rangers, families become part of a team and spend the evening combing the beaches for new nests, relocating eggs to safe havens, and then releasing hatchlings into the waves. Work becomes play as families take on the role of gauchos, or ranchers, for a day at the organic ranch at Hacienda de San Antonio. Your clients can experience the coffee-making process from start to finish by touring groves, viewing bean harvesting, drying and roasting facilities. Afterwards, they can taste the fruits of their labor. Clients can also watch master Mexican mask makers, carvers and more in the surrounding villages of both Hacienda de San Antonio and Cuixmala for a true taste of local life. The village of Comala, known as the Pueblo Magico, is 20 minutes from the hacienda and the perfect place to observe traditional art techniques that have been handed down through generations.

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