Mexico City's New Campaign Touts Destination's Culinary, Luxury Offerings and More

Starting this summer, the Ministry of Tourism of Mexico City launched a promotional campaign in the United States to showcase the capital as one of the world’s most well-rounded destinations for leisure and business travelers alike.

The campaign focuses on Mexico City’s vibrant culture, luxury products and services, ideal facilities and amenities for business and incentive travel, as well as the country’s award-winning cuisine.

Mexico City appointed Newlink Communications as the public relations and consultancy firm to execute the destination’s promotional campaign. Newlink Communications will also spearhead an advertising initiative targeting the luxury market and hosting a roadshow aimed to attract top tour operators and influential media throughout key cities in the U.S.

The roadshow kicked off in Miami on July 20th, and will continue in Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles and New York throughout the month of August. The Mexico Tourism Board and Aeromexico are joining Mexico City during these individual city visits to support the destination’s initiative and help deliver a strong and compelling message about the wide range of opportunities available.

Mexico City is also hosting a series of familiarization trips, each of the four targeting specialized writers within a list of important niche interests pre-identified by Mexico City. The first will target LGBT interests and the second one reaches those interested in spa and wellness activities. The third media trip focuses on Mexico City’s vibrant culture and while highlighting it as a fashion-forward destination. The last visit to Mexico emphasizes the city’s incomparable cuisine through a culinary tour.

Mexico City has more than 3,500 restaurants with traditional Mexican and international cuisine, as well as two of the world’s best restaurants, according to the Michelin Guide.



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