Mexico's New Mandatory Auto Insurance Liability Laws, a provider of auto insurance for U.S. and Canadian residents who travel to Mexico, recently provided an update on Mexico's new Mandatory Auto Insurance Liability laws.

In recent months, two Mexican destinations for U.S. and Canadian tourists have passed laws requiring drivers to carry auto liability insurance at all times.

Baja California Norte (home of destinations such as Tijuana, Ensenada, Rosarito, and San Felipe) and Jalisco (home of destinations such as Guadalajara, Lake Chapala, and Puerto Vallarta) have passed laws requiring that all drivers carry liability insurance. Other states have had similar mandatory auto liability insurance laws in place for some time.

“We feel this is a good step towards solving a huge problem; whether in the U.S. or in Mexico uninsured drivers create an unneeded burden at the time of an accident, and cost all drivers more,” said Derek Kartchner, vice president of business development for, in a written release. “We applaud the states that have taken steps towards alleviating the number of uninsured drivers in Mexico, and encourage other states to do the same.”

“While this is an important law, we would also urge our customers to ensure they are protecting their own interests,” said Jim Labelle, CEO of IIG. “Not only should visitors to Mexico purchase Mexico Auto Liability coverage, but also Comprehensive and Collision coverage. We encourage all of our customers who drive to Mexico to obtain a similar level of coverage in Mexico that they carry in the U.S. or Canada."

Labelle's firm has insured more than 1 million U.S. and Canadian plated vehicles since launching its website a little over ten years ago. Visitors to Mexico can purchase and print their policies in real time on All policies sold on the site meet the new state requirements, and many other optional coverages are available to ensure that consumers are properly covered when driving in Mexico.


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