Michael Jackson's Neverland to Become Public Attraction?

For nearly 20 years, only Michael Jackson, along with his friends and guests, had access to the variety of rides and activities at his Neverland Ranch. But now, according to a report in the New York Post, the private amusement park may go public.

Apparently, private equity firm Colony Capital, which owns the land, and the King of Pop's brother Jermaine Jackson, are in talks with plans to turn the property into an amusement park and museum sometime in 2010, preferably by Christmas.

While plans to make Neverland Ranch a public attraction are in motion, another property formerly occupied by Jackson will remain a private residence. Jackson was renting a house in Holmby Hills, CA when he died, and French designer Christian Audigier purchased the home with the intent of turning it into a museum. However, local authorities have denied approval for making the house a public space.