MoneyRates.Com Study: Hawaii is Second Best State to Retire to

Aerial view of Hawaii Island // Photo by Joe Pike

According to a recent study conducted by, Hawaii is the second best domestic state to retire to for U.S. citizens.

Iowa topped the list of the five best states to retire to, while Alaska was ranked as the worst. Fleshing out the top five best places were Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont, while Louisiana, Georgia, Nevada and Illinois filled out the list of worst places to retire to. 

According to the site, “Hawaii's strongest suit was not the weather, which is a little bit of a mixed bag - it is certainly very warm, but it is also quite rainy. Instead, Hawaii's greatest strength is that it seems very good for the health of retirees, with the greatest life expectancy of any state for people at age 50. One caveat though - while Hawaii did well on other economic criteria, it does have the highest cost of living of any state.” looked at eleven different criteria grouped into five categories to determine 2017's best and worst states for retirement. The five major categories are health and longevity, personal safety, climate, economic factors and proportion of older residents.

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