More Countries Accessible Via Eurail


The Eurail Group, owner of the Eurail Passes for European rail travel, has announced further expansions to its product range. As of January 1, 2009, the Czech Republic will be the 21st country included in the Eurail Global Pass, as well as becoming accessible through the Eurail Select Pass. In addition, Bulgaria has been added to the list of One Country Passes on offer. With direct borders to Eurail Select Pass member countries Germany and Austria, the number of adjoining three, four and five country combinations to choose from has increased drastically, maximizing the appeal of the already popular Select Pass.

These additions make Eastern European destinations more accessible to Eurail’s customers. The Czech Republic receives over 6.5 million visitors annually, and its landlocked position in the heart of Europe is advantageous to rail travelers. The capitol city of Prague offers international connections as well; the capital cities of both Vienna and Berlin can be reached in less than five hours by direct train.

The Eurail Group will be launching several attractive “anniversary special” offers globally in 2009.