Mumbai Shakes in Wake of Three Explosions

Three bombs have gone off in the heart of Mumbai today, Wednesday, according to the New York Times. The article is reporting that at least 20 people have been killed in the attack, with 113 injured as of now.

The explosions hit the Dadar neighborhood; the Zaveri Bazaar; and near the Opera House. A fourth bomb was found but it had not detonated. Indian officials are calling this a coordinated terror attack, but no immediate claim of responsibility has been reported.

Travel Agent spoke with Sujata Phakur, regional director for India's Ministry of Tourism's New York Office. "It's always better that tourists travel with caution," she told us. "The bombs that have been blasted have been in crowded places in the city, predominantly in Muslim areas. The usual spots where tourists go remain safe and it is business as usual in these areas. These days anywhere you travel you have to be careful."

Read the full article here.

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