Nepal Launches Campaign to Lure Thousands of Tourists

Nepal may have waited in the wings while neighboring countries like India and China brought in the big tourism numbers. But the Associated Press is reporting that it may be Nepal's turn to shine.

According to the AP, Nepal's president is launching a campaign to bring hundreds of thousands of tourists to the country to visit the area where Buddha was born.

"President Rambaran Yadav said Nepal is eager to welcome both devotees of Buddha and peace believers to Lumbini, in southwestern Nepal, where Buddha is believed to have been born 2,555 years ago," the article reports.

Lumbini Garden has been developed with trees, ponds and monasteries and is no foreign destination to Buddhists around the world. The goal is to bring "hundreds of thousands" of tourists to Lumbini in 2012. Last year Nepal received 800,000 visitors.

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