New Hotel to Open in Paris' Fifth Arrondissement

Always keeping our ears out for the latest hotel gossip from Paris, we were struck by the quirky descriptions of the upcoming Hotel Le Seven, located in the Latin Quarter of the 5th Arrondissement, about a 10-minute walk from the Luxembourg gardens. (The 28-room hotel is the sibling of the The Five Hotel in the same neighborhood, and is scheduled to open in April.)

And when we say quirky, we mean quirky. The beds are designed to look like they're floating on air, and are illuminated from below. The en-suite bathtubs are only a foot off the floor, and showers are glass boxes in the bedrooms. Even the ceilings are exciting, with several designed to look like the night sky. There are themed suites to honor such culture icons as 007 himself (retro, with lots of cool gadgets) and Marie Antoinette (white leather bedspread and pink fiberoptic lights).

The hotel's location is ideal as well, situated in the Latin quarter of Paris within walking distance to Saint Germain, Notre Dame (the center of Paris) and the shopping areas like Rue de Rennes, Montparnasse.

Exciting touch: Guests willing to take a chance on the hotel sight unseen can stay there as soon as the doors open (bragging rights!) at a 30 percent discount.

We'll keep our ears out for more news about this unique property, and see what our insiders say come April!