Old San Juan's Nightlife to Get a Little Brighter


The difference between Old San Juan and San Juan, Puerto Rico is vast. San Juan attracts most of the nightlife, earning a reputation for being the New York City of Puerto Rico. But Old San Juan, known more for its culture than nightlife, just got a little younger.

With the recent completion of a three-phrase expansion by Sheraton Old San Juan, the only casino in the historic district of San Juan, this area could attract a younger, more vibrant group of travelers.
This is a gamble.

Traditionally, Old San Juan has been a time out from San Juan, a place to go for culture, arts and history when partying in the vibrant city has taken its toll. Now, with the casino aiming to become the district’s main attraction, Old San Juan could be heading in the same direction as San Juan. If this trend continues, that is if more bars and nightclubs open up near the casino, where will the difference lie in the two destinations?

But on the other hand, Old San Juan now has the one thing it was lacking–a venue to have fun at into the wee hours and a source for more tourist spending.

Slated to open earlier this week, the upgraded El Casino will offer an additional 2,000 square feet of space with 100 new machines, upgrades to more than 100 existing machines, and an additional random payout jackpot. Exclusively for carded Players Club members, the all-new Rapid Fire program complements the already popular Bahía Bucks Mystery Jackpot program with up to six additional chances for winning daily. The casino is a popular feature of the Sheraton, which is located in the heart of the seven-square-block historic district of Old San Juan, overlooking San Juan Bay and the cruise ship harbor.

 Agents have no need to worry as casinos only typically have a positive affect on tourism. If Old San Juan becomes as popular as San Juan, you just have twice the options as you did before when booking clients to Puerto Rico. Guess you can say Puerto Rico is doubling down. Visit www.sheratonoldsanjuan.com.