One-Touch Luxury at ARIA


ARIA’s Sky Suite living room

With one-touch technology, guests at ARIA can set preferences for lighting, entertainment, temperature and more


Open since December in the CityCenter complex in Las Vegas is ARIA, the latest hotel entry from the MGM MIRAGE group. Here, the 4,004 guest rooms (including 568 suites) combine high-tech touches with sleek elegance and unparalleled comfort and views. Top of the line are the Sky Villas, offering both two- and three-bedroom, as well as single- and two-story retreats. These are available on a limited basis, so guests seeking high-end quarters may opt for one of the Sky Suites—all of which include separate living areas.

But even the standard guest rooms are equipped with the ARIA’s exclusive one-touch in-room technology provided by Control4, as well as oversized floor-to-ceiling windows filling the room with natural light and displaying some of the best views in Vegas. With this system, rooms “recognize” guests’ first time in the room and “greet” them as they enter; light fills the room, curtains part to show the view and the high-definition LCD TV turns on to display a list of automated controls for guests to personalize.

Guests can also create settings to wake up gradually through controlled temperature, lighting, curtain opening and preferred music—and their preferences are remembered every time they are in the suite. The system also lets them choose music from tracks offered by Rhapsody on the advanced room entertainment system. All settings will be remembered and incorporated every time a guest is in the room. Each nightstand features a seven-inch panel with touchscreen technology that navigates the same room settings as the remote control.

During a tour of ARIA’s suites, Vice President Sales and Marketing Gail Fitzgerald told Travel Agent, “At first, some of the guests may be slightly intimidated by the technology. One guest asked, if she were napping and her husband came in, would all the lights and blinds and music be activated?” The answer is no: The full display of the room’s technology is to dazzle them with that first entrance. After the guest’s preferences are set, they control all of the bells and whistles in their room. Guests have adapted well to the futuristic touches, and Fitzgerald says that it’s a fun amenity for many of them.

Agents can contact Fitzgerald at 702-590-7388, [email protected] if they need more information.