Ottawa Wins Bid for Major Tourism Convention for 2013

Ottawa was recently chosen to host the 2013 Rendez-vous Canada (RVC), Canada’s annual international tourism industry marketplace.  RVC is owned by the Canadian Tourism Commission and put on each year by the Tourism Industry Association of Canada to bring together buyers and sellers of tourism products.

The 2013 RVC will be held at the Ottawa Convention Center, with estimates placing income generated from the event around $4.5 million for the host city.  The last time that the RVC was held in Ottawa was in 1990, and the city is optimistic that the convention will boost commerce in the area after several delegate surveys revealed estimated purchases of over $50 million in tourism products for the host city alone.

Aside from bring worldwide exposure to the host city, RVC attempts to bring international buyers and sellers of Canadian products together, increase awareness of Canadian travel markets, and to provide a forum for Canada to discuss its international marketing plans.

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