PATA & Visa Survey Paints Encouraging Picture of Asia Tourism

The Visa and the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) Asia Pacific Travel Intentions Survey "Determining Travel Preferences in 2009 and Beyond" had delivered reassuring data concerning travel to the region. The survey of 5,554 people found that 36 percent said they did not expect to make any changes to their travel plans in the near future while 64 percent of respondents were reviewing their plans in the light of economic uncertainty.

Among those respondents reviewing their plans, 57 percent said they would still travel but would look for cheaper alternatives while 38 percent said they would travel within their own country instead. Only 36 percent said they would postpone their travel as a result of economic uncertainty.


Australians, British, Singaporeans, Indians, French and Americans were less likely than the average respondent to let economic concerns keep them from travelling. Those in Chinese Taipei, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and China were more likely than the average to have their plans affected.

Travelers aged 45 and over were far more likely to keep their travel plans intact compared with those in younger age groups.

 "While the global economic situation will impact tourism, it is unlikely to bring travel to a standstill,” says Meranda Chan, Visa country manager for Singapore and Brunei, and PATA Board Director.” What our survey has shown is that travelers will be more creative in their selection of destinations."

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